Christmas Social Media Package

Christmas Social Media Package


Christmas Ned Stark

Christmas Social Media Package

If you are heading away for the holidays, or feel as though you won’t be “present” during the holiday period, then our Social Media package is perfect for you. We created this package because we noticed a large amount of really great businesses don’t pay enough attention to their social media. This is not uncommon because most people when they get busy focus on the key areas of their business, like sales, and just simply forget about their Social Media accounts.

With Social Media becoming such a massive part of business it is really important to make sure you have an active Social Media presence. This is not only because it can be a great tool for lead generation, but because it is essentially another website. People will likely check out your Facebook page if they like your website or gel with your business. Even we at SME Assistant have been guilty in the past of neglecting our social media, this is another reason we decided we would restructure the business and start selling Social Media Packages. We got staff onboard to maintain and improve our social media and they were so good, we wanted to offer their services to other companies.

After fixing our Social Media presence we saw a spike in enquiries, and ultimately sales. This is because people were going to our Facebook page and finding very little content to look through. Now they have articles to read, posts to relate too and direct access to the business through Facebook messenger. See below for more information on our Christmas Social Media Package. This package is an introductory offer, so get in now before the price rise in 2018.

Whats in your Christmas Social Media Package?

With the Christmas holidays coming up, it is a common occurrence for businesses to check out early and forget about their Social Media accounts. This is where SME Assistant comes in! Our Social Media package includes maintaining your Social Media over the holiday period, so it is like you never left. We will write posts for you, respond to enquiries and even write a couple of blogs for your website that are SEO optimised. So if you don’t want your business falling behind, get in touch!

What have you got to lose? Your social media will not only be kept up to date, it will likely be more active than ever before! Do you need help with Facebook advertising? We can help you with setup and conversion tracking too!

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