How to fix HTTP 500 error

How to fix HTTP 500 error

Fixing HTTP 500 error!

Recently a couple of our client’s websites randomly started getting HTTP 500 server errors out of the blue. Our instant reaction was to check the backend (Cpanel) to see if any of the server settings were causing it. We set up Cron jobs to run ever 6 hours instead of constantly, disabled some security settings (temporarily) but the error still wasn’t being solved. We also tried some other techniques that we had seen people using online to see if they would fix the problem but to no avail!

The next logical step would be to go in and start disabling plugins, but the HTTP 500 error was stopping us from doing this (in the front end) so we manually started disabling them through Cpanel and bingo! It turns out that the builder that had been used on the website was causing the issue. In this case it was Avada’s Fusion Builder and Fusion Core. Once we had disabled them we were able to log back into the website and apply the patches that have now been released to solve the issue.

If you are having trouble or didn’t understand the technical terms above please feel free to phone or email us and we will assist.

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  • Cron Jobs – Set to run every 6 hours

  • Mod security – Disable your security temporarily.

  • Disable plugins from dashboard – Go to plugins in dashboard and deactivate plugins if possible. There may be conflicts happening that you are unaware of after updating them.

  • Disabling plugins through Cpanel – If you are unable to log in to your website because of the error login to your Cpanel and go to;

    File Manager > Public_html >  wp content > Plugins

    Click on the plugins name and rename it (in our case it was fusion-builder) rename it to fusion-builder-disable this will disable the plugin and allow you to log back into the website

  • Apply patch or latest update – Once you can log in to the website reactivate the plugin and apply the updates

If you follow the above list, you should fix the error. If this hasn’t fixed the error call your hosting provider and submit a ticket, or call us and we will see what we can do to help.

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