Improve Your Google Rank

Improve Your Google Rank

How to improve your Google rank!

Let’s start with the most important part of improving your Google rank, Google’s algorithm updates! Google is constantly making minor tweaks to its algorithm, but roughly every 6 months they make a major update to shake things up. The latest update was “Fred”, Fred was designed to reward great content, so there has been no better time than now to produce top quality content. If you haven’t updated your websites content to meet Google’s current SEO standards, we highly recommend you do. If you haven’t updated your SEO in over a year, it is likely you will have seen a drop in Google rank since Fred’s release in March.

Below is a list of things you can do to either boost your rank or fix the errors causing your ranks decline.

  • Article Length – Every page and article on your site should be a minimum of 300 words.

  • Keywords – Make sure the article or pages keyword is clear throughout your text, but do not spam them.

  • Images & Video – Add quality images and video into your pages to break up the text. Make sure they are relevant and have correct alt tags

  • Speed – Make sure you compress images and videos so your page loads as quickly as possible.

  • Meta Data – Make sure your keywords and relevant information is in your meta data

If you follow the above list, you will definitely improve your Google rank. If you seem to be at a stalemate with Google, give us a call, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will make you rank higher. We can’t give away all our secrets 😉 Further explanation below;

Creating Quality Content.

When we speak of “quality content” we are referring to blogs, videos and images. Google is currently loving videos! We highly recommend you create some for your website, that either explain the subject in broad detail or answer questions users may be searching this will improve your Google rank. Google highly rewards helpful content, so make sure you are writing articles and creating videos aimed at helping your user with a query. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you create content aimed at your USER not for YOU! Write and speak it in Lehman’s terms so your user knows what you are talking about.

Article Length.

It is more important than ever to make sure your blogs and pages contain a minimum of 300 words. Most importantly of all is blogs! When writing blogs and articles for your site, make sure the content is all relevant, do not start writing gibberish just to fill in article length. Google’s bots read everything on your site and they are programmed to pick up on this sort of thing. If you start writing gibberish you will actually hurt, not improve your Google rank. If you struggle with article writing get a copywriter to do it for you! Don’t have one? We can help. If you write your own articles make sure you get your peers to read it, you might think your article is great but if your peers disagree, then you will need to listen to their feedback and adjust accordingly.

You must also make sure your pages are structured correctly! This means using header tags properly, correctly structuring paragraphs and checking your spelling and grammar. There are programs out there to help with this, we recommend using Grammarly.

Working in Keywords.

Keywords are vital! Make sure you know what your keywords are BEFORE you start writing. Google needs to know what keywords you are targeting so it can give you an organic SEO rank. There is a “Goldilocks” zone between not enough keywords and too many keywords. Make sure you don’t spam your keywords through the article, but also make sure you are using them enough for Google to realise what the article is about. Most SEO plugins are able to help with this. For example, this article is about SEO, so we have worked it in without making it too obvious! Find the magic combination and you will not only see a better rank on Google you will see more conversions too.

The Final Touches.

If you do the above correctly, you will see a rise in rank, but there are a couple of other little tweaks you can make to your website to help out too. Making sure your metadata is correctly configured is very important. Also, make sure you compress your images and videos. This can be done using a variety of tools, we use photoshop for our images and Clipchamp for our videos. There are plenty of other tools you can use just Google image compresion and video compression tools.

We recommend you run a page speed test before and after you have done all these so you can see the difference for your self.

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