Social Media Package.

We seem to be coming across more and more social media accounts that are abandoned by their business owner. This is no surprise really! We get busy and Social Media falls by the wayside, but does it have to? No! This is where SME Assistant comes in. Our packages are designed to breathe life back to your social media accounts and get your business more enquiries.

So what is included in your Social Media Package?

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about your Social Media again! Having peace of mind is one of the greatest feelings in the world and this is exactly what this package offers. Oh, and guess what? Our package works out cheaper than hiring a Social Media Manager! How good is that! Want to find out more?



So, it’s time now for your business to be found on Google, and you’re struggling to get to a point where you are happy. This is the package for you!

Search Engine Optimisation SEO is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight. If someone promises you the top spot on Google, make sure you specify the specific keywords and locations. It is very likely they will make you number one for a completely irrelevant search term in a country your business isn’t even in. We have written a few articles on SEO and boosting your  organic Google rank on our Insights Page

We designed this package to help make your website the best it can possibly be! There is no real point in having a website no one can find!

What’s included in your package?


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Website Package.

What makes a good website? Excellent question! A website should be one of your business’s most powerful tools. It should give users information, it should generate leads, it should create sales, this is all done by building a website from the ground up around a goal.

If you build a website yourself, pay some cowboy to do it, or outsource it to India, you are going to get a website that reflects what you have spent. The reason web development agencies are becoming larger and larger is because we spend most of our time rebuilding websites that people have built themselves, or fixing their SEO. If you build a website yourself and don’t know what you are doing your brand will reflect that. If you insist on building a website yourself, here is an article we wrote about what makes a good website

A website built by us is not only going to be aesthetically pleasing, it is also going to be FUNCTIONAL! This means it will do the job you want it too. Need more leads, want more sales, need a database of information for users? Then let us build you a kick-ass website! 

What’s included in your package?


Hosting Packages.

Whats better than a fast server? A fast server that’s based in Australia! Because our servers are based in Australia, you will get excellent loading speeds for your website, and great email hosting support. Not only that, we guarantee a 90% uptime! This means you won’t have to worry about server outages or dropouts. Our hosting package also includes basic text and image changes on your website, meaning you won’t have to pay us everytime you want to change a sentence or an image, it doesn’t get much better than that, right?

What’s included in your package?




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